Crystal Singing Bowls

Crystal Singing Bowls

The Crystal Singing Bowls

Played by Katharina Bless


In 2006, I organised a charity concert in Chiangmai for Katharina Bless from Switzerland.
I had no experience, nor any expectations with this wonderful healing medium

and was thrilled with the exquisite vibrations I could feel.

This Swiss practitioner has finally found the right sound engineers and microphones to record these soothing sounds.

I have been using her CDs in my own practice and at the psychiatric rehab center where we still give free Reiki sessions.

I want to offer you this wonderfully soothing tool for your, your family and your patients’ benefits.

Bathe in the luminous sound of the Singing Crystal bowls

blessing your body, mind and soul

and combining its unique effects of healing, balancing and meditation.

These fabulous sounds release tension and stress,

realign and balance your energies

and open new doorways of consciousness.

Experience its wonderful rejuvenation and recreation.

Each CD gives you one hour of beautiful crystal healing sounds. 

Most have been recorded in the hexagonal wooden Sound Healing Pavilion at the Soma Center located in Chiangrai (Northern Thailand). Therefore you may also hear nature playing along, like birds and geckos, etc.

It was challenging to make an accurate recording of the crystal sounds

and capture all the overtones.

All CD’s are recorded in a very high quality 24 Bit. 

You can hear numerous overtones and literally feel the vibrations.

The Double album was recorded in a professional studio with 6 microphones.


A frequently asked question

Why don’t you put your CD's as instant downloads on your website?

It would be less expensive and instant gratification for your clients/customers. 

Answer: If you download the CD in MP3 a lot of the healing quality, especially the overtones, will be lost because the CDs were recorded with 24 Bit. 24 Bit.

A normal CD has 18 Bit and an MP3 only 9 Bit.


We offer the following 6 CDs :

As always, we share the proceeds with The New Life Foundation, under the Patronage of H.R.H. The Princess Mother.

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CRYSTAL SOUND MAGIC : to support the four R’s

The ideal CD for people working with subtle healing methods to support the energy flow.

The first track helps people get “out of their mind” and opens the gates to deep healing and realignment

to the original order of cells and organs with a powerful rejuvenation effect.

Four Tracks: (each track = 15 minutes)

1 Relaxation, 2 Recuperation, 3 Rejuvenation, 4 Re-Creation


COLOUR CHAKRA ALIGNMENT for an harmonious awakening of the 7 energy centers.

Seven tracks of 8 minutes which harmonise all  energy centers with the crystal sounds and their abundant overtones.

Even if you listen only to a couple of tracks, all 7 centers will be activated while the major tone is aligned to one specific center.

1. Heart

2. Solar Plexus

3. Throat

4. Sacral

5. Third Eye

6. Root

7. Crown

Seven Tracks: each track ~ 8-10 min.


GAIA PUJA recorded on Summer solstice.

This sound reconnects you with Mother Earth and the Goddess energies.

Nature responded abundantly when we made this recording…

so you can hear some tropical day and night sounds like birds, geckos, frogs, tokkays, crickets…

Five Tracks: Each track is about12 minutes.

1. Summer Solstice: Balance between Light and Dark,

2. Growing Roots,

3. Butterfly Wings,

4. Flower Dance,

5. Gaia Puja - the Awakening of the Goddess


GOLDEN SOLAR LOGOS ALIGNMENT is played only with the Golden Gong.

This very special Golden Bowl has a deep and soothing sound that brings you fast into a deep relaxation and state of meditation.

Each track is based on a 108 gong rhythm to give you the most profound experience... 

We suggest that you don’t listen to this CD in the morning before you go to work, because you might be spaced out for a few hours and may find it difficult to concentrate on your work.

This concert is ideal for evening meditations or for relaxing people who cannot sleep.

Tracks: (each track ~ 20 min)

1. Reconnection -108 Gongs with Golden Bowl

2. Divine Presence - 108 triple Gongs- 3 tones

3. Balancing the Divine Feminine and Masculine

    - 108 double Gongs - two tones 



Ideal for meditation and as background sound in your daily life.

This CD which happens to be my favorite, was recorded with 6 microphones to guarantee the most pure and powerful sound.

If you listen with a good audio system you will feel like you are sitting between the crystal bowls

and are totally surrounded by their magical sound. Each track ~ 20 minutes.


Six fabulous tracks

1: Connection : This is about connecting fully with the body; centering yourself in your heart, but also grounding yourself.

This helps to enhance and materialise your creativity through deep connection with the earth and your inner pink lotus flower of unconditional love, which is the symbol for the High Heart center (pink colour). 


2: Focus: a selection of tones that help with concentration. It can be listened to when working to make focused work more effective.

It also helps to create better self-esteem, so that we develop a firm belief in what we are doing and our ability to do it.

This is the way to success.


Track 3: Meditation  These are perfect tones for deep meditation.

They activate the heart center, which in turn activates the higher centers and allows for

deeper clarity, insight, connection and unity.

The crystal tones do not lead the meditation;

they stay in the background while still maintaining a powerful effect on the mind, body and soul.


4: Nourishment 
“We are what we eat.”

Whatever goes into our body is reflected both inside and outside.

If we prepare food with love, the food is enhanced with higher vibration and healing energies.

This track is designed to be played during food preparation and consumption to raise the energy frequency. 


5: Abundance
These tones should be played to attract abundance on all levels and to manifest our focused thoughts.

This is not only about material abundance, but also good health, wisdom, self esteem, love and joy.


6: Loving : This is about transforming sex energy into love,
to awaken Kundalini energy and raise it through the chakras to the crown.

It helps to increase our capacity for unconditional love in daily life
and raises our energy levels in general.

The tones can activate one’s sexual potential and increases the sensual experience. 


All CD’s have their own specific purpose

but are also suitable for all kinds of meditation

or to play in the background to enhance well-being,

to clear the energies and uplift your day at any time. 


For Relaxation, Recuperation, Rejuvenation, Re-Creation
To align the Chakras
Ideal for meditation and as background sound in your daily life.

Feedback: The crystal bowl sound was a great experience. I have been having pain in my inner thigh where it meets the pelvis and the muscles have been strained for some time.

As I was resting and listening to the Crystal Sound I could feel waves of energy moving throughout my body.

When she was playing a bowl with a very low pitch sound I could feel the muscle pulling in my inner thigh! It was a bit surreal as I realized that my muscles were responding to the sound!   -  A.K. Kuala Lumpur

One lady owner of a local resort told me that when she plays the CD’s in the background, the staff work better and costumers are more peaceful and friendly.

Other people play the CD in the office overnight and feel that the energy is much better and experience also people being more peaceful and friendly.

Note: These CDs should not be played while driving and you better don’t listen with head phones - some people may get dizzy and space out! 

These wonderful sounds take you into a different state of mind, at least in Alpha level… If you listen to the CD’s in the background while working, they can help you to concentrate better and be at peace.

I look forward to sharing these wonders with you…


Buy any single CD for 690 Baht (= 17E or 33 US$) + postage.


Buy one set of 6 CDs for 3800 Baht  (= 95E or 130US$),

includes free postage anywhere in the world.


As always, we share the proceeds with The New Life Foundation,

under the Patronage of H.R.H. The Princess Mother.

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Mitchell L. Gaynor, MD, Director of Medical Oncology and Integrative Medicine at the Strang-Cornell Cancer Prevention Center has been working for several years with quartz crystal bowls to help his patients in their healing process. 

In his book, Sounds of Healing: A Physician Reveals the Therapeutic Power of Sound, Voice, and Music, published in 1999.

He writes:

“My patients' as well as my own experiences with quartz crystal bowls strongly support the hypothesis that the overtones they produce have resonant and healing properties unlike anything we have encountered.

These bowls emit tones that resonate with the human voice. 

These sounds permeate our systems, resonating with our essence, so that inner chaos, conflict, and dissonance seem almost immediately to be transformed into harmony”.

The Pavillion where most recordings were made
Played with the Golden Gong
Katharina Bless from Switzerland