Reiki Reference books for further reading

Reiki  reference  books

in English or French

 we recommend for further reading

after you have finished the Reiki-2 level.

We prefer that you experience first by yourself what Reiki can do,

rather than creating expectations about what it could do...

(in alphabetic order)


- Ellyard, Lawrence, The Tao of Reiki, Full Circle,2001


- Haberly, Jelen J., REIKI, Hawayo Takata’s story, Archedign Publications, 1990,           

  ISBN 0-944135-06-04

- Horan, Paula, The Ultimate Reiki Touch, Full Circle, ISBN 81-7621-085-4

- Jarell, David G, Reiki Plus Natural Healing,1984,                                                 

   Reiki Plus Institute,     ISBN 0-9634690-0-2

- Peneloppe Quest, Reiki for Life, 2002, Mackays Ltd, U.K.

- Petter, Frank Arjava, Reiki Fire,  Lotus Light, 1997.

- Petter, Frank Arjava, Reiki, The Legacy of Dr. Usui, Lotus Light, 1999.

- Rand, William Lee, Reiki, the Healing Touch, Vision Publications, 1991.

- Walter Lubeck,Frank Arjava Petter, William Lee Rand,Christine M. Grimm 

  (Translator), The Spiritof Reiki: The Complete Handbook of the Reiki System: From  

   Tradition to the Present Fundamental, Lines of Transmission, Original Writings, Mastery, Symbols 

- Stein, Diane, Essential Reiki, a complete guide to an ancient healing art,                                

  The Crossing Press,1996.

- Usui, Dr. Mikao and Frank Arjava Petter,

  The OriginalReiki Handbook of Dr. Mikao Usui, Lotus Press, 1999

- Yeshe, Lama, MedicineDharma Reiki, an Introduction to the Secret Inner Practices,  

  Full Circle Publishing, 2000.


- Fis, Anne-Marie, Reiki: La voie des 5 principes, Editions Recto Verseau, 1996.

- Fis, Anne-Marie, Reiki: Se libérer de son histoire, Editions Recto Verseau, 1996.

- Gros, Patrice, Reiki, sagesse et compassion, Editions du Rocher, 1999.

- Gros, Patrice, Reiki, Ouvrir le Coeur, Réveiller l’Esprit, Editions du Rocher. 

- Hochhuth, Claudia, Inititation au Reiki, Éditions du Rocher, 1996

- Horan, Paula, Reiki : Soigner,se soigner,                                                                         

  EditionsMEDICIS-ENTRELACS 1991, ISBN 2-85327-060-2

- Schulte, Stephan, Votre développement energétique par le Reiki,                                    

  Editions MEDICIS-ENTRELACS ISBN 2-85327-081-5, 1995

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