Corporate Package
Many companies are beginning to recognise the positive impact of having healthy,

happy and relaxed employees, particularly in terms of communication and productivity.
Providing Reiki to your employees will be a very positive experience for your company.
Reiki in the workplace enables staff to relax and connect with the people around them

and the work they are engaged in. 

We offer 30 minute sessions for corporate packages, before, after or during work hours,

or during lunch breaks.

Your staff will work so much better afterwards...

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Please detail the amount of staff requiring treatment, the treatment time,

and the dates and preferred times.


If you would like to give the gift of Reiki to a person in your life,

We are happy to make a personalised gift certificate for you. 

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We are willing to provide discounts for treating more than one person

in the same house/hospital etc on the same day.

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Chakra Balancing and Reiki for Prostate Health 

The body is comprised of energy fields (auras) and centers (chakras) that are associated with our nerves, energy and glands where these hormones are produced. 

Chakras are disc shaped like vortex who are connected to the body through energy fields or auras.

There are 350 chakras and 7 major chakras and 22 minor chakras.

Benefits of Chakra Balancing For Men’s Health

Emotions and beliefs affect health through the chakra system.

Thoughts and feelings impact health by manifesting first in our energy field and chakras.

When energy is blocked, our nervous and endocrine system become imbalanced and we experience physical symptoms.

Releasing blocks helps to alleviate symptoms and promotes well being and hormonal balance in the whole body.

Our body work therapies like Chakra balancing, Asian Bio-Energetics Therapy (ABET) and Reiki, help to release these emotions and energy blocks, thereby lessening symptoms.

Any chakra can be involved. 

Base and 2ND Chakra is largely responsible for our reproductive and urinary systems so imbalances would appear here as blocks.



Regular chakra balancing incorporated into treatment session with therapist is recommended. This combines well with acupressure and massage and we pay special attention to those that are out of balance on a regular basis.

For some people, who want to further explore the emotional root cause behind these blocks  we use the ABET diagnosis to find the root cause and give you the relevant minor life-style changes you need to make to remove the cause of your health problems.

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Reiki - a Definition

Some people become confused when they hear of different kinds of Reiki
as they believe that Reiki is what Dr. Usui channeled and any other kind of healing technique
should not be called Reiki, but should have another name. 

However, we need to remember that when Dr. Usui was given the new healing technique,
the word Reiki was already in use in Japan. 

This is why Dr. Usui did not call his technique Reiki.
He called it Usui Reiki Ryoho to make sure people understood
Usui Reiki Ryoho to make sure people understood that this was a unique kind of Reiki. 

With the channeling of other healing methods similar to Usui Reiki Ryoho,
but with different vibrations and effects,
it has become clear that there is a whole class of healing methods
that can appropriately be called Reiki.

With this in mind, how can one tell what is a Reiki technique and what is not?

By analyzing the Reiki given to Dr. Usui, we can discover four unique qualities
four unique qualities that identify the class of healing techniques appropriately called Reiki.

These four qualities of Reiki are:

  • 1. The ability to do Reiki comes from receiving an attunement,
    rather than developing the ability over time though the use of meditation or other exercises.
  • 2. All Reiki techniques are part of a lineage.
    This means that the technique has been passed on from teacher to student
    through an attunement process starting with the one who first channeled the technique.
  • 3. Reiki does not require that one guide the energy with the mind,
    as it is guided by the higher power and knows where to go and how to act all on its own.
  • 4. Because of this, Reiki can do no harm.

If a healing technique has these four qualities,
then it can be considered to be a Reiki technique."

The above information is in part an excerpt from The Spirit of Reiki.

William Lee Rand, Walter Lübeck and Arjava Petter, wrote this book together.

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