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Welcome  to Chiangmai, Thailand

We are a charity organisation based in Chiangmai province,  in the beautiful hillside mountains of Northern Thailand, where we practice and teach Asian Bio-Energetics Therapy (ABET), Asian Aromatherapy and Reiki in local hospitals, rehab centers, senior homes, animal shelters and a cancer hostel.

Every year, we give to underprivileged Thai patients more than 500 free Reiki treatments and about 50 free Reiki trainings to these patients and their nurses at  hospitals in Chiangmai to enable them to take care of themselves. At least half of these patients have cancer.

The Usui Reiki Therapy is a spiritual therapy to keep your mind and body healthy. This wonderful therapy works in your subconscious level, helps strongly to enhance your self-healing ability and to heal sickness or prevents you from becoming sick.

What can a Reiki energy session do for your Health and Well-being? Over 150 years ago, Japanese Reiki Founder Dr Mikao Usui said : “Reiki heals indirectly through calming the mind and raising the Life Force Energy”. It takes awareness to notice both...

A Reiki Energy Massage is a hands-on treatment given to a fully clothed patient.

It is non-invasive and requires no machines and no drugs for treatment.

The hands are placed gently and passively in different positions on or over the body.

Reiki can also be used with animals, plants, food…

A Reiki Energy Massage is different from traditional massage because we use a light hand touch which causes a gentle energy movement inside the body. This energy massage will naturally balance your body, which will relax you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

This tried and proven technique will give you such a deeeeeeep relaxation as though you have had 4 hours of deep sleep...

It will also restore your body's natural energy fields and self-healing powers.


-      Relaxes your mood, pain, stress, anxiety and depression.

-      Speeds-up your healing process of wounds, surgery and traumas.

-      Strengthens your immune system.


See  what  REIKI  can  do  for  you…


Our Reiki treatment lasts about one and a half hours and is given to a fully clothed patient.
There are different types of treatments:
1. HANDS-ON SESSION or an individual Reiki session

This can be scheduled when you have the opportunity and time.

The duration of this deeply relaxing session is about 1 hour and half.

It is a wonderful opportunity to experience Reiki while relaxing.

This type of treatment can be given once every month or more often,

It is like having a regular beauty treatment from the inside out.


The word dis-ease indicates a physical or emotional uneasiness.

In this instance you would need 10 Reiki sessions distributed in a series of 3 consecutive sessions during the first week

and 1 session every week during 6 consecutive weeks.

In this way, your energy levels stay balanced and your body can heal itself.


Reiki's deep relaxation helps to raise the energy of your immune system and supports  the natural healing of your body.

In very difficult cases, like terminal cancer patients, Reiki sessions will at least help the patients face the changes in a more harmonious way,

reduce the pain levels considerably, provide peace of mind, and accept more easily what is happening to them. 

Depending on the seriousness of the sickness, the patient should receive 2 Reiki sessions a day for at least one week and after that either daily sessions or at least 3 times a week.

Reiki provides wonderful comforting care in such difficult times for both the patient and the caretakers.

It reduces the need for pain medication and helps to make the dying process more acceptable.


Oh yes, Reiki can be sent at a distance (even better than your fax machine or e-mail). If you can believe that I can reach you on your mobile phone, I can also reach you energetically.

This can be done by appointment at an agreed time while you are physically in another location. A distant Reiki treatment lasts about 30 minutes. For serious cases, regular distance treatment is recommended.

See what Reiki can do for you...


One of the great advantages of taking a Reiki training is that you can treat yourself as often as you may need or want in the comfort of your own space.

That is the ultimate objective for me to teach Reiki so that you can help yourself when you need or want it.

"Reiki is the secret method to invite happiness.

The spiritual medicine for all diseases (of the body and mind)."

Mikao Usui, Founder of the Usui Reiki Ryoho


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When you feel stressed, your nervous system releases a flood of stress hormones, including cortisol and adrenaline.

These hormones can cause higher blood pressure, shortness of breath, tightening muscles and a quickening heartbeat.

When your body is preoccupied with stress, there is little energy remaining to support a healthy immune system.

Therefore, chronic stress can lead to many health problems.

Here are some staggering statistics that reflect the role stress can play with your physical health:

  • 70-80% of all doctor visits are stress related
  • 80% of health problems are stress related
  • 40% of employee turnovers are due to stress

Some of the best ways to prevent chronic stress are getting plenty of sleep, exercising regularly, and maintaining a healthy, balanced diet.

It is unrealistic to expect optimal performance from your brain when it is deprived of critical nutrients. Your performance, thoughts, feelings, and behavior are all affected by the health of your brain.

The deep relaxation of a Reiki session has a positive effect on your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

See what Reiki can do for you...


The benefits of Reiki on Stress can be explained physically. 

Tension can be equated with stress. There are varying degrees of stress felt by different people in the same situation but the stress reaction is always the same.

The usual reaction to stress is the fight or flight syndrome (Seyle, 1956).

This means that when we are faced with a stressful situation, we either fight it or run away.

The body reacts in different ways :

1. It releases hormones into the system which enable us to physically cope with this, like for instance the rush of (the stress hormone) adrenaline into the blood.

2. We also perspire profusely and our breathing rate increases which helps you to rise to the stress.

3. Blood pressure increases as the blood leaves the extremities.

4. Proteins and fats convert to glucose to give you energy.

Once the stress situation is over the stress hormones come back to normal levels.

Today, it would be socially unacceptable to run away if your kids or spouse were stressing you or if your boss is giving you a hard time. This means that the stress hormones are too often continually being secreted and do not come back to a normal level.

These stress hormones play a vital role when faced with a stressor, but prolonged secretion and circulation of these stress hormones damages the body by depleting :

1. Your white blood cells (infection fighters),

2. Your neurotransmitters controlling your mood and

3. Your T-cells in the lymphatic system.

Look at how many stressed people become sick…

With its deep relaxation, Reiki reduces your stress hormones so that your body can produce again its T-cells, white blood cells and neurotransmitters to start healing itself.

Stress has been made into a public health enemy, but new research suggests that stress may only be bad for you if you believe that to be the case.

Psychologist Kelly McGonigal urges us to see stress as positive, and introduces us to a mechanism for stress reduction which is reaching out to others.

Oxytocin is a neural hormone which fine-tunes your brain’s social instincts a.k.a the cuddle hormone because it is released when you hug someone. It primes you to do things that strengthen social contact, enhances empathy and makes you more willing to help and support the people you care about.

This stress hormone is released by your pituitary gland in a stress response (like adrenaline).

It protects your cardiovascular system and heart which has receptors for this hormone which strengthens your heart.

It is like a built-in mechanism to protect your heart.

A compassionate heart gives you meaning and joy in connecting with others like helping friends, family and neighbours in the community. Such caring for others makes your body create resilience.

So how you think and act in a stressful situation can transform your stress into courage and resilience.

When you view stress in this way, you are saying that you can trust yourself to handle such challenges and that you don’t have to face them alone.

Such belief about the positive side of stress can make a vast difference to your heart and your life expectancy...

Just one more reason to reach out to your community to give Reiki to others and make you feel goooood.

Have a great Reiki day.

I have been living in South-East Asia since 1975.
I discovered these great healing techniques over 38 years ago in Thailand where I have been residing for more than 40 years.

Even today, the wonderful results of this Energy Therapy still fills me with awe, wonder and gratitude.

I truly appreciate and still enjoy the opportunity to practice and teach these great Asian Healing Arts.

Come for a visit and be well,

Cory Croymans-Plaghki
ABET and Reiki Practitioner & Teacher (1993)

Asian Aromatherapy Practitioner and Teacher since 2010
Cranio Sacral Therapist since 2008

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Reiki originated in Tibet thousands of years ago.

Tibetan monks had mastered the science or art of tapping the Universal Life Force Energy for man’s use in healing and self-transformation to eventually lead to spiritual enlightenment.

This technique was however, only taught to a selected and disciplined few...

Reiki was rediscovered by Dr Mikao Usui, a Japanese theological scholar, who in the mid 1800’s undertook an extensive study about the healings of history’s greatest spiritual leaders.

In Shinto Buddhist writings he found a way to connect to the Reiki healing energy and he spent the latter part of his life using and teaching this wonderful knowledge.

In the 1940’s, Reiki reached the western world through Mrs Hawayo Takata.        

Since then, tens of thousands of people have received Reiki worldwide.

See what Reiki can do for you...


Reiki is a safe, simple, natural and easy-to-learn healing technique.

Once your body has been connected to receive this wonderful energy,

you will have Reiki for life.

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Course Location and Availability:

We are available all-year-round in Chiangmai, Thailand but we only give Reiki trainings once a month.

All courses are given in a quiet private setting at about 20 km South

from Chiangmai University in a small village called Hangdong Nampreh,

which is on the way to the beautiful Obkhan National Park.

All Reiki students trained at our Reiki Center in Chiangmai, Thailand

- receive hands-on attunements in the physical presence of a lineaged Reiki Teacher,

- receive William Lee Rand’s combined 'four in one' Reiki attunements, and  

- have their own recognisable lineage linking them to Dr Mikao Usui.

- have at least 30 hours of clinical practice during 5 days of training

   which can be quite intense but is also very fulfilling.

- will be able to treat themselves and others confidently;

- will receive at least 5 Reiki sessions during the training, and

- receive a free Reiki pillow and Reiki shirt, plus one free bottle of our  Aromatherapy oil for your hands (to use when giving treatments).

-  will eat the best vegetarian food in Chiangmai

We will share with you our 28 years of practicing and teaching Reiki.

We keep our classes very small with 3 Reiki teachers and max. 6 students to give our full attention to each student.


Accomodation and Food in Chiangmai, Thailand: 

you can find a clean guesthouse in Chiangmai town at 10 to 15 US$ per night, without having to make advance reservations.

For longer stay, monthly rates will be around 150 to 250 US$ per month. 

Food in Chiangmai is very fresh, delicious and not expensive at all

(except for alcoholic beverages).


Since the year 2001, we have been giving free Reiki sessions to at least 500 underprivileged Thai patients every year.

We also give to them and to their nurses over 100 free trainings per year... to help them to take care of themselves

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The first Reiki training of 2014
The first Reiki training of 2014
Christine Olivares