Come and receive a Reiki training to take care of yourself

Just finished giving Reiki training to these 11 women from Cambodia and Vietnam 2009'Nov.

The wonderful Usui System of Reiki healing is a deeply relaxing

hands-on treatment technique

which uses Universal Life Energy

for the treatment of others:

humans, animals, plants and food.

It is a safe, simple, natural and easy-to-learn technique.

It only requires a Reiki Master who is willing to harmonise your body

to connect to and receive the Reiki healing energy.
Once you are aligned with this wonderful energy, it is with you for life.

Reiki is not a sect.
Reiki has no Guru’s.
Reiki is not a religion.
Reiki is not a massage (as we know it),

although it combines wonderfully with it...
Reiki allows you to work and think independently.
Reiki requires no continuous financial contributions or time commitments.

Class requirements: we are willing to start a class with two students

but will have no more than 6 students for any class.

We usually give Reiki trainings only once per month in English.

We can also give trainings in French for minimum 3 students.

Course Location and Availability: 

We are available all-year-round in Chiangmai, Thailand. 

All courses are given in a quiet organic garden located about 20 km South from Chiangmai University in a small village called Nampreh-Obkhan, which is on the way to the beautiful Obkhan National Park.

All our Reiki students

- receive hands-on attunements in the physical presence of a lineaged Reiki Teacher,

- receive William Lee Rand’s combined 'four in one' Reiki attunements, and  

- have their own recognisable lineage linking them to Dr Mikao Usui.

- have at least 20 hours of clinical practice during 6 days of training

   which can be quite intense but is also very fulfilling.

- will be able to treat themselves and others confidently;

- will receive at least 5 Reiki sessions during the training, and

- receive a free Reiki pillow and Reiki shirt, plus one free bottle of our Respiratory Aromatherapy oil for your hands (to use when giving treatments).

-  will eat the best vegetarian food in Chiangmai

We will share with you our 26+ years of practicing and teaching Reiki.

We keep our classes very small with max. 6 students to give our full attention to each student.


This is our intensive Reiki training program :

Monday  : Reiki-1 training  9 - 4.30 including lunch

Tuesday : practice at a local hospital 9 - 1.00 including lunch

    Afternoon : visit to the Organic market and practice Reiki at AHAC’s Pyramid bed.     

Wednesday : practice at the MKT village 9 - 4.00 including lunch                  

Thursday  : Reiki-2 training  9 - 4.30 including lunch

Friday  : practice at a dog shelter from 9.30 to 11.00 (optional)

    Afternoon : practice Reiki at AHAC

Saturday : practice at the Cancer Hostel 8.30 - 2.30 Including lunch.


We feel that having so much practice is a nice way to be introduced to the wonderful world of Reiki energies and especially to build up your confidence by giving so many treatments...

We are the only teachers in Thailand (or even the rest of the world) offering such extensive practice time.

Furthermore, after having completed this training with us, you are very welcome to join our ongoing charity visits (at no additional cost) whereby we go to give free Reiki trainings to the needy any time you are visiting Chiangmai.

Your tuition fees contribute substantially to our charity activities and are based on a minimum donation. They include the training manuals, (beautiful) certificates, refreshments, lunches, transport to and from the practice facilities during these 6 days of training and practice. 

Accomodation and Food in Chiangmai, Thailand: 

you can find a clean guesthouse in Chiangmai town at 10 to 15 US$ per night upon arrival, 

without having to make advance reservations.

For longer stay, monthly rates will be around 150 to 250 US$ per month. 

Food in Chiangmai is very fresh, delicious and not expensive at all 

(except for alcoholic beverages).

We offer some accommodation in our garden guesthouse but have only 5 rooms.

Practice: during the training, you will be given ample time to practice

what you have learned and to receive free treatments.

For additional practice, we highly recommend that you join us (totally free of charge)

at the elderly homes, hospitals, rehab center, dog shelter and cancer hostel

which we visit every month to give free treatments.

For full day charity treatment trips, we will provide lunch (free of charge)

but we require your advance confirmation to enable us to organise transport, chairs, etc...

Can anyone become a healer?
By Annette Müller, excerpt from Blazing Trail of Miracles

One day a woman asked me whether she could learn this healing-method she had experienced.

“Yes, of course,” I replied, “if I was able to learn it you can do it too.”

Every human being has the latent potential to heal and in purely theoretical terms anyone could become a healer. This is a purely theoretical assumption as is shown by various healers who demonstrate few or no results.

One of the conditions to become a successful healer is to develop an awareness of and the ability to tap into an inherent energy that flows from the inside to the outside, combined with the knowledge of how this energy or these energies should be used and directed.

Anyone who wants to “become” a healer should seek a serious and profound course of training.

The quality of the training should not be measured by the number of participants but only by the results achieved by the students.

Because of the spread of the New Age movement over the last few years many training courses in healing and massive events have been offered.

They are performed on a stage as if for a movie,

before an audience of six hundred to a thousand people,

who are then supposed to be “healers” overnight and subsequently open their own practices.

The hype surrounding special methods or a particular way of learning does not mean that actual and decisive results are obtained.

A serious healer should be able to achieve immediate and first-class results.

My view is that it should be possible to realize by the second day at the latest whether anything has changed for the better.

Healing methods are not a substitute for medically prescribed treatment and medication.

To accompany our clients on the path of spiritual healing, we naturally work together with doctors, alternative practitioners and physiotherapists to achieve the best possible results for those seeking help.

The regular successes achieved by spiritual healing clearly indicate that there is another way of achieving a cure apart from modern medical methods.

More and more cases are coming to the public’s attention where conventional medicine  reached a dead-end and where a scientifically inexplicable spontaneous remission has been achieved by spiritual healing.


It’s very inspiring to experience healing oneself or to have shared in such an experience.

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2014 Aug:Giving Reiki at the Cancer hostel
2014 Aug : 6 proud Reiki graduates
2014'9 : and we had some fun too...
2015'4 and always great food...
2015'April : More Reiki hands
Thomas 2012
2009 free Reiki trianing to Nurse Aids at Suanprung Hospital in Chiangmai
2006 Reiki students practicing on each other
2008 Reiki volonteers at Cancer Hostel
2008 Reiki students visit HDD gardens after giving free Reiki sessions to 16 patients
2012 Reiki Master Teachers Graziella and Ben
2010 Nurse Aids at Suanprung Hospital practicing the Reiki ball...


TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture training 

comprises the following modules :

1. TCM Foundations : 21 hours 

2. TCM Diagnosis : 21 hours

3. Acupuncture : 21 hours

4. TCM Pharmacy and Prescription : 8 hours (includes Moxa)

    Total 71 hours = 24 days 

Tuition time is 3 or 4 intensive hours per day which will give you enough time to review and study your notes every day at 5 days per week

We keep our classes small and seats are allocated on a first paid, first served basis. 


We now offer this 4-day training once a month for maximum 5 students.

We will give each student some of the essential oils and hydrolates

together with a detailed training manual about the distillation process and each herb.


The selection of the herbs used for the distillations will depend on the seasons

but we should be able to make at least 4 or 5 distillations in this workshop.

The herbs are :

- Artemisia argiye (Moxa) : to relax, reduce swelling, pain, itchy insect bites, to activate circulation.

- Artemisia annua : anti-malaria, fevers, skin problems;

- Basil (Ocimum basilicum): digestive, for PMS, arthritis and fungal infections.

- Bamboo (Bambusa) : anti-inflammatory, also for damaged hair, sweating, make-up base, or skin care

- Cinnamon : stimulating, antiseptic, and fungicidal

- Citronella (Cymbopogon nardus): insect repellent.

- Eucalyptus (globulus) : anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, muscular aches, arthritis, rheumatism.

- Lemongrass (Cymbopogon flexuosus): best anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, digestive, tissue tonic; vasodilator; great Liver cleanser, calming the mind.

- Ginger roots (Zingiber O.R.): for digestion, nausea, energy circulation, to ease pain, relieve Gallbladder and Liver problems;  to reduce jetlag and diarrhea as well as MSG side-effects.

- Guava leaf (Psidium guajava): for diarrhea.

Liquorice twigs : calming cough, harmoniser

- Makrud Lime (Citrus hystrix) uplifting mood, for hair, skin + pain management, colds and cough.

- Moringa Leaves (Moringa oleifera) great for proteins, for lasting energy, increased endurance and mental alertness. Strengthens bones and builds blood.

- Mulberry (Morus alba) for diabetes, cholesterol, to regulate blood, to cool down the body

  pressure, weightloss, cold, immune boosting.

- Pandan for energy exhaustion, rheumatism, stiffness, muscle pains, for weak nerves, damaged hair, dandruff.

- Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin) for energy exhaustion, regeneration,  detox, skin problems, dandruff, joint pains (arthritis, rheumatism), circulation problems,

  water retention, piles, abdominal and menstrual pains, diarrhoea, flu, headache, nausea, vomiting, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and aphrodisiac.

- Papaya Leaves (Carica papaya) : for digestion, detox,

  joint pains, to remove fat surplus (cellulitis), cancer.

- Peppermint (Mentha piperata) : refreshing tonic for body, skin and mind, circulation, headaches, cramps, digestion, flatulence, nausea, hot flashes(menopause),

  heavy legs, excessive sweating;
- Plaai root (Zingiber cassumanar Roxb.) : joint pains (incl. Gout), torn muscles, for insect bites, asthma   and other respiratory problems, pain management, skin irritations, 

to improve circulation, Thai massage.

- Pomelo leaves : like all Citrus fruits

- Rosella diuretic

- Soursop (Graviola, Guyabano): anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer.

- Siam Rosewood : to relieve prostatic congestion. Aphrodisiac (men), used as a neurotonic and general   stimulative, for male sexual tiredness and Impotence.

- Turmeric (Curcuma L.) for better digestion, as an anti-

   inflammatory (arthritis and rheumatism).

  To relieve chest, stomach and period pain.

  Tonic for Skin and Eye problems.

- Vetiver roots (Vetiveria zizanoides) : to calm the mind,   ease pain, strengthen, 

nurture and revitalise the body and connective tissue. 

To tonify glands, the immune system and blood vessels (veins)..


The tuition fees for this 4-day training which support our charity activities,
include the lunches, refreshments, training manuals and certificates.


We also practice and teach Asian Bio-Energetic Therapy (ABET)

This scientific treatment is a combination of several oriental holistic healing techniques

that are all non-invasive and require no machines for diagnoses

and no drugs or herbs for treatment.

ABET combines the following alternative treatments:

- Traditional Chinese Medicine arts of Acupuncture from China (but without the needles)
  that include Diagnostic, Meridian and Moxibustion techniques (which treat and prevent 

  diseases by applying heat to acupoints or other locations of the body);
- the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test, Magnet and Piezo therapy from Japan;
- the Healing Breathing from Tibet;

- and Aromatherapy by using essential oils on our hands.

These techniques take at least six weeks to learn and we teach this class only once or twice a year.  It is a tough training but also verrrrrrry rewarding.

It will help you to diagnose health problems in yourself and others
and make the appropriate recommendations for minor life style changes

to achieve major life quality improvements.

Learn more about Asian Bio-Energetics or Aromatherapy by visiting our other websites

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2014 Free Reiki level 2 training to 19 Asian women activists

Free Reiki Sessions and Training to Women Activists who participated at the Asia Pacific Feminist Forum in Chiangmai during 29 May to 1 June 2014.

During these 3 days, 7 Reiki volunteers (5 female and 2 male) also gave 67 free Reiki sessions to the participating women activists who are so used to take of others that they sometimes (?) forget to look after themselves.

2014 May free Reiki training to 19 Asian Women activists
Responsible Selfishness
Sampling how Reiki feels


 Starting in May 2019, we will offer this wonderful massage training by a certified Thai herbalist and experienced Tok Sen Massage practitioner...