For those associated with all aspects of Palliative and Holistic care in the fields of

Hospice Care, Geriatric Care, Nursing to the Chronically Ill, Pain management,

End of Life Care for Children...

Reiki can be applied to most situations involving bereavement.

This may also include such traumatic experiences as sudden death, abortion, mis-carriage, suicide,homicide, ‘natural’ death, infant death, war trauma, rape, burglary.

Such traumatic experiences involve social, ethical and spiritual implications,

regarding the physiological and psychological effects on the body

such as loss,stress, fear, disbelief, isolation, anger, bargaining, pain,

grief, sorrow,depression and despair.

Reiki's gentle and deeply relaxing hands-on technique  promotes the release of

accumulated stress or tension and the possibility of reducing fever and

increasing the flow of body fluids and energy.

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We all have to face death in our lives : the death of friends and family,

as well as our own mortality.

We can choose to look at death as final and thereby grieve the departed,

or we can see life after death and celebrate this transition to eternal life.

Losing my goddaughter when she was only 19 and after a short but intense disease,

was a devastating blow to me and her family.

It was the first time that I had to face losing someone so close.

Looking back at this and many other subsequent experiences,

I found that the western world usually treats the subject of dying as taboo,

as something we should NOT talk about.

Having spent the first half of my life in Europe, I used to share this view

as I did not know any better.

Having spent the second half of my life in Asia,

I became aware of Eastern philosophies and the teachings and beliefs

of many ancient cultures who view death as a natural part of life. 

They believe that : our souls are eternal,that our body is only a temporary vessel

which allows the soul access to Earth,that we are here to learn and grow.

When you look at these two choices, it should be easy to believe in life after death,

rather than believe that death is final and that we have nothing else to look forward to. 

I found it very easy to accept the knowledge that there is life after death.

You can use this knowledge to help people who fear death because

they will simply migrate to a beautiful spiritual world that is filled with pure unconditional love.

One day, they can meet again and be with them.



Reiki connects us to the universal life force : that energy and unconditional love

that people who have had near-death experiences, talk about.

When you use Reiki in a situation where patients are terminally ill, you are connecting them to this unconditional love and preparing them for their transition.

You will often find that Reiki temporarily revitalises them,

so they have the energy to deal with any unfinished business.


- help the dying tidy up their affairs.

- to teach them to heal and mend strained family or friends' relationships.

- to encourage them to forgive and let go of any unnecessary anger and pain.

- to encourage family members and friends to say goodbye and,

- to let the dying person know that it is okay to go,

  even though it does hurt, we can survive and carry on without our loved-one's.

  This often brings tremendous relief and removes the feeling of guilt

  or attachment from the dying person.

As I have personally experienced at numerous occasions, Reiki can

- alleviate pain and often reduces the need for heavy pain medication,

  thereby giving the patient a clearer head to realize what is going on.

  So when western medication does not work (so well) anymore,

  our Reiki hands still can...

- Reiki can relieve anxiety and bring final peace and harmony to the mind, body and spirit.

- Reiki gives the dying person more control of how and when they die.

- Reiki builds a bridge to the other side.

- Reiki brings the life of the person to a joyful conclusion.

We recommend to also treat the family and friends with Reiki before

or after their loved-one has passed on because the people left behind

often find it very difficult to come to terms with losing a close family member or friends.

Help them to heal their pain and fill their mind, body, spirit and lives

with the unconditional and omnipotent love of Reiki.

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