Tok Sen Hammer and Dogbone
Tok Sen Hammer and Dogbone


We are happy to offer you an opportunity to learn about TOK SEN Massage training which is based on the meditative and gentle massage technique practiced in Northern Thailand without the painful or uncomfortable after effects of conventional Thai massage.

As your body consist of more than 70% water, the gentle waves created by the Tok Sen wooden hammer and “dogbone” tools on the traditional Sen massage lines, will help to transfer the vibrations to clear tight and blocked tissues...

This rhythmical tapping and sound vibrations work deeply through the tissue and muscles right down to the attachments with the bones.

Tok Sen is used to clear blocked energy, pinched nerves, improve blood circulation and ease muscle, nerve tensions and pains. This deeply relaxing, ancient massage from Northern Thailand is given to fully clothed patients.

Many people have heard or experienced Thai Massage.

Few know about Tok Sen massage which is an ancient practice of Northern Thailand.

We offer hands-on courses by an experienced Thai Tok Sen massage therapist, who is also a certified Thai herbalist.

AHAC is one of the very few centers where this meditative Tok Sen training is offered in English and including a lot of daily practice.


Our Tok Sen massage training gives you the foundations and teaches you how to focus and increase your energies with this meditative practice.

The main advantage of taking our intensive Tok Sen training which we teach in English, is that it will enable you to take care of yourself (*first*) and of others as well. 

You will also learn the Tok Sen meditation technique for major life quality improvements for yourself and for your patients.

And you will learn how to locate and use the main Tok Sen energy lines efficiently.

It is best to have a good working knowledge of English.

We give this intensive training only once a month during four days.


Times : Mondays to Thursdays, that is 4 days from 9 to 4.

We prefer students who have had some Reiki training (anywhere) which will make it so much easier for you to appreciate what we mean when we talk about “energy vibrations”.


A Certificate will be given after you have attended all 4 training days and successfully completed the practical tests.


The Tok Sen tuition fees are a real investment in your health for the rest of your life and they considerably support our charity activities in Chiangmai.

The total Tok Sen tuition fees include:

-       vegetarian lunches,

-       the certificate

-       hand-out course material and

-       daily refreshments.

-       One set of two Tok Sen tools (for a total value of 1000 Bt).


Seats are given on a first-come, first-served basis and we limit the classes to max. 6 students.

Looking forward to read your comments.

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